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In 1996, the Palm Springs Air Museum unveiled its collection of WWII fighter planes to the public. Its primary goals to preserve historic WWII aircrafts and educate visitors about the importance of its brave pilots and those involved in aerial military missions. For it is said that the fight from the sky had the most significant impact on the outcome of WWII.

WWII Aircrafts
The museum is currently home to the world's largest display of WWII military planes. On average visitors can peruse an assortment of 26 planes including Army-European Hangars, Navy-Pacific Hangars and the most famous one of all - the B-17 Hangar. Some of the newest additions include a Navy F4 Phantom, a camouflage Flying C-47, an F-18 hornet and a Navy A4 Skyhawk. Also bear in mind that these aircrafts don't just sit there. In fact, they are flown regularly, most often for educational purposes.

B-17 Hangar Tour
Also known as the "Flying Fortress" the B-17 took to the skies in 1935, but it wasn't until the early 1940's that it was massed produced. Soon afterward it was recognized as the most feared aircraft in the sky. Even though the B-17 covered all WWII battle zones, its most influential impact was the destructive bombings of German engineering targets.

These days, visitors can tour "Miss Angela" - the resident B-17 of the Palm Springs Air Museum and catch a glimpse of what it looks like inside this incredible aircraft. Just a gander and you can't help but feel a profound notion of how intense it was out there in the skies with the enemy at large.

Vintage Automobiles & Memorabilia
Aside from aircrafts there are a number of photos, artifacts, videos and various other types of memorabilia from WWII, along with a rare collection of vintage automobiles. Notable cars include a 1930 Packard, and one of the rarest automobiles in the world - a maroon Tucker. There were only 51 Tuckers ever made.

See the Museum
Whether you're looking for slice of history or merely a great experience, the Palm Springs Air Museum offers a pivotal window to the past for generations to come.


Palm Springs Air Museum

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