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Palm Springs Events

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Palm Springs Events

Showing ticket results from 08/31/15 - 02/26/16. To look for events further in the future, use the calendar to find your desired date.

Indio Tickets - 08/31/15 - 02/26/16

Rancho Mirage Tickets - 08/31/15 - 02/26/16

Rancho Mirage is 20 minutes away from Palm Springs

Featured Experiences

Street Scene Palm Springs

Street Scene

Outdoor festival, art exhibits and unique food...

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Wine Tasting Palm Springs

Wine Tasting

Great place to stop for lunch, dessert, or a glass of wine...

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Coachella Valley History Palm Springs

Coachella Valley History Museum

Explore the rich history of Coachella Valley natives and pioneers...

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McCallum Theater Palm Springs

McCallum Theater

A state-of-the-art performing arts center and theater...

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Gay Pride Palm Springs

Gay Pride

Celebrators gather to showcase talents, gifts, and resources...

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Palm Springs Follies

Palm Spring Follies

The greatest good-time music of the '40s, '50s and '60s. We’ll dance!

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Caliente Tropics hotel in Palms Springs is in a great location near all of the most exciting events in the area. Palm Springs is a city known for being open and accepting to an array of lifestyles, cultures, interests and celebrations. From the art and film festivals, music and theater appreciation and charity races, to wine tasting and food appreciation, minorities rise in popularity in this area of meshed cultures. With so many intriguing experiences taking place, the best way to stay up-to-date is by using the Palm Springs calendar of events provided on our site.

Amongst various attractions placed on the Palm Springs calendar, some on-going events include concerts at the McCallum Theater and The Fabulous Palm Springs Follies shows. The Palm Springs calendar page also offers concert information for tours and artists passing through Palm Desert, such as Josh Grobin and Blue Man Group, as well as the annual gala event coming up, giving proceeds to theater arts programs for local schools. Another favorite among the Palm Springs entertainment scene is the Palm Springs Follies shows, featuring four decades of hit music and dance styles, performed by the seasoned cast. This party of a show will have guests dancing and singing along themselves, this is the 20th anniversary, so performances throughout the season will feature guest stars. Be sure to check our Palm Springs calendar for these must-see events near Caliente Tropics hotel.

There are several festivals and outdoor activities on the Palm Springs calendar of events that bring people together by focusing on various aspects of Palm Springs culture, including food, music, holiday festivities, performance art and charity. One of the most popular festivals include Villagefest, which is located downtown Palm Springs and features over 200 food, wine and craft booths, galleries and entertainment varying by block. For active guests of Palm Springs, or those who enjoy helping a good cause, there are several charity runs and races that take place in the area, all times of the year. Be sure to check the Palm Springs calendar page to stay updated on the best outdoor activities and events.

Besides all of the current modern cultures uniting as one in festivals and appreciation of artistic expressions, the Palm Springs calendar also features historic-based events and activities. For visitors and locals interested in learning about the Palm Desert area, the Coachella Valley History Museum offers excellent information on the early 1800s pioneers who turned this newly explored land into a home, as it is today. Check specific days and times the museum is open on the Palm Springs calendar page.

The Palm Springs calendar is the best way to stay up-to-date on all the local Palm Springs events, since new ones are always being added. Whether you’re seeking a large outdoor festival with food, beer, wine and crafts, a single night performance of song and dance, want to run in a charity race or learn about the history of Coachella Valley, the Palm Springs calendar of events will steer you in the right direction, so you can make the most of your visit to Caliente Tropics.

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