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Palm Springs Maps and Directions

Caliente Tropics

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Palm Springs Maps

Palm Springs maps are helpful tools when planning vacations, business trips and other road trips to and through the Palm Springs area. Caliente hotel is one of the top lodging options in Palm Springs, with a welcoming staff, accommodations for families, pets, business people and everyone in between. Not only do Palm Springs maps give guests directions to and from the general area, but they make it simple to get from Caliente Tropics to restaurants, attractions, the airport and more. Whether you're a weekend tourist or long term visitor, our Palm Springs maps include directions to Caliente Tropics from the surrounding areas of Los Angeles, Phoenix, San Diego and the Palm Springs Regional Airport.

Guests flying into Palm Springs will have an easy drive from the airport to Caliente with directions from our Palms Springs maps from the regional airport. The airport is less than four miles from Caliente Tropics hotel Palm Springs. Heading southeast, guests will take just a few right turns and to end up at Caliente in just about ten minutes. Palm Springs maps make any airport trip less hectic.

Palm Springs Caliente visitors driving from the general Los Angeles area will have to take quite a bit more time than those flying into the airport, but directions are pretty simple with our Palm Springs maps. Los Angeles is approximately 106.2 miles away and the general time it takes to get from Los Angeles to Caliente in Palm Springs is about an hour and 50 minutes. Using our Palm Springs maps and directions, a short two hour trip can give guests access to the best hotel in Palm Springs for relaxation, business accommodations, pets, families and more.

Another place listed on our Palm Springs maps is San Diego; where trips to Palm Springs are popular, just slightly further than Los Angeles. Guests from San Diego visiting the Caliente property will enjoy an easy ride northeast. Just a few southern California freeway changes make the directions fairly simple on this 137 mile road trip. Follow the Palm Springs map and directions from San Diego provided on our page and it shouldn't take more than two and a half hours to get from San Diego to Caliente, give or take traffic and holiday weekend backups. Escape less than three hours away to this tropical oasis where you'll have a comfortable stay, luxurious pool and barbeque lawn area and restaurants and attractions nearby.

The final destination displayed in our groups of Palm Springs maps with directions to Caliente Tropics is Phoenix, Arizona. Out of state guests from Phoenix have it pretty easy on this four hour trip to Palm Springs, heading directly west on highway 10, nearly the whole time. Guests will exit Ramon Road off the 10 freeway toward Palm Springs, followed by only five turns to get to Caliente. The trip in total is about 267 miles and well worth it. Once you get to Caliente, unwind by the pool or Jacuzzi, have a delicious dinner out, or explore the area. Whether you're visiting for business or pleasure, traveling east, west, north or south, the Palm Springs maps provide the written directions and visual map to get you from point A to point B easily. - Your Trusted site for Palm Springs HotelsPalm Springs Hotel ReservationsPalm Springs Attractions
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