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Featuring over 3,000 specimens of desert succulents, cacti and other intriguing varieties of plant life from around the world, the Moorten Botanical Gardens and Cactarium of Palm Springs is truly one of the desert's delights.

Sundry Succulents
Over the years, plants have been gathered from regions including the Mojave Desert, Baja California, South Africa, Texas and beyond. You'd be amazed by the variety of cacti out there - far more versatile than the usual trio of prickly green cylinders that typically comes to mind.

Boojum & Beyond
Showcased in their natural environs are fascinating floras such as: boojum trees, named after Lewis Carroll's mythical creature due to their bizarrely sparse leaf coverage; various agaves, resembling green and tawny flowers; soothing Madagascan aloes, and a gargantuan Pachypodium that towers two stories high.

Age Old Desert Wonders
Inside the Cactarium greenhouse are a bounty of fine splendors. See thickened root crown caudiciforms that have the incredible ability to store massive amounts of water in its roots and trunks. Some trunks have been known to encompass ten feet in diameter. Look for the pair of Welwitzia mirabilis native to the Nambian desert. These unique plants can grow leaves that exceed 20 feet, and are also known as some of the oldest-lived plants in the world with life spans reaching up to 1500 years! Peruse an assortment of Euphorbia, Ferocactus, Atecia and Asclepiads. Did you know that Euphorbia fulgens were related to poinsettias? Amazingly, there is no family resemblance.

Have a Visit
Come and explore these fascinating specimens of the desert at the Moorten Botanical Garden and Cactarium. Whether you're a plant enthusiast, or in search of a unique way to spend an hour or two, it's well worth seeing.

Getting There
Those staying at the Caliente Tropics Resort don't have to travel far. A five to ten minute walk will get you there. If you'd rather drive, head west onto E. Palm Canyon Drive, turn left onto W. Palm Canyon Drive, and then left onto S. Palm Canyon Drive.


Only a ten minute walk from Caliente Tropics Resort is the Moorten Botanical Gardens and Cactaium

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