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Palm Springs Pet Friendly Hotel

Caliente Tropics

Palm Springs Pet Friendly Lodging

Caliente Tropics is proud to be a Palm Springs pet friendly hotel, providing friendly service and a welcoming atmosphere for all guests, human or pet. It's not always easy to find pet-friendly hotels in Palm Springs or any other vacation spot, which is why Caliente welcomes furry friends with open arms. Every level of service at this tropical vacation stay is top-notch, making guests feel at home while away from home. Ultimate comfort, relaxation, recreation and more are provided at Caliente Palm Springs.

Accommodations at Caliente welcome small to mid sized pets to stay with their owners. Pets exceeding 60 lbs and aggressive dogs are not permitted. This Palm Springs pet friendly hotel charges just $25 per night extra for each pet's stay. This affordable cost is more than worth it to have your furry best friend with you on your family, business or leisurely stay. The only extra charges that may apply are if any of the items in the hotel room are damaged and need replacing. Costs for replacement will be added to the overall bill, as well as extra costs if heavy cleaning needs to take place after your pet's stay at Caliente. However, this Palm Springs pet friendly hotel generally has very well-behaved feline and canine visitors.

Palm Springs Pet Friendly Lodging

Besides the Caliente hotel rooms and outdoor accommodations welcoming furry friends, the staff at this Palm Springs pet friendly hotel provides further concierge services for guests with pets. Visit the front desk to inquire about Palm Springs pet friendly restaurants, activities, tourist attractions, grooming parlors, locations for pet-sitting and more. The friendly Caliente staff will be happy to guide you in the right directions for pet friendly Palm Springs fun.

Whether you're visiting Palm Springs on a family vacation, business trip, getaway with friends, or romantic retreat, there's no need to part from your pet. Weekend, long term and short term stays are always more fun with furry friends, which is why Caliente is proud to be a top Palm Springs pet friendly hotel. Providing Palm Springs pet friendly hotel room accommodations on the first floor, Caliente charges just $25 extra per night for small to mid sized pets. We expect pet guests will be on their best behavior, but if an accident causes damage or need for heavy cleaning, additional charges may apply. Enjoy a game of fetch on the outdoor lawn, snuggle up in your relaxing room, or hit the town and find a pet friendly restaurant with the help of Caliente staff. Stay at this Palm Springs pet friendly hotel for the friendliest service for human and pet guests.

Caliente Tropics Hotel
411 E. Palm Canyon Dr
Palm Springs, CA 92264

Local: 760-327-1391