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Caliente Tropics is your top choice for Palm Springs hotel rooms at affordable prices. Only at our tropical island-themed getaway can you find modern luxury rooms with a dash of tiki charm. Come for business or come for pleasure, or come with your family and friends — Caliente Tropics has something for everyone and is the best of Palm Springs at affordable budget prices.

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3on,Jul 29, 2021


Overall great Pool dirty with leaves and other stuff...

4on,Jul 26, 2021


Very Good The pool was very cloudy. I love staying here. The rooms are always clean and comfortable.

4on,Jul 26, 2021


A cheeky looking place Nothing really. It was clean, but not fussy. The Tiki theme is mostly beyond the rooms, not in them, but I knew that. Cute to look at and for photos. I am counted that I had to wait an extra 90 mins Beyond check in because my room wasn’t yet clean. But I’d rather than that a dirty room I guess. 🦴🦴 pet friendly. Cats, and 🦅 too

3.5on,Jul 23, 2021


The stay served its purpose. The pool was dirty. The smell in the room was reminicent of mold. The ambiance of the hotel was welcoming. The outdoor decorations where pretty.

3on,Jul 22, 2021


Pleasant The pool is not finished so it literally shredded my feet

3.5on,Jul 21, 2021


Good We had booked deluxe double queens bedded room. At CheckIn was told that all the rooms were already assigned. So we were downgraded to standard room category. Ask about being upgraded to suites at no additional cost. Was again told that the upgrade would be additional $100 per night. I forget it that I’ve work in hospitality and always upgraded I’d rooms were available rather than downgraded with no price adjusted Hawaiian style theme with Polynesian motif and grounds were nice and pool available nightly until 10-11 entry night. Great location.

5on,Jul 19, 2021


Exceptional No microwave and coffee pot dirty Places very close by and easy to navigate

3on BirdEye,Jul 19, 2021


The pool is dirty! Clean it!

4.5on,Jul 17, 2021


Awesome Very close to of hotel

3.5on,Jul 16, 2021


Great value! Great pool Yes, the rooms are not luxurious or updated, but they are comfortable and fine. Beautiful pool and very cute restaurant/bar. My son and I booked 3 nights right after he finished his summer classes, and we couldn’t find a pet sitter, so we brought our small dog and cat along. This ended up being the week it was 118F, so we stayed inside in the AC until the afternoon and then lived in the pool until dinner, and then went to the cute tiki restaurant, then straight back to the pool and then the room. Lather, rinse, repeat. It was a nice break until our beloved dog passed away the evening before our departure date. She was old and had lost a lot of energy of late, but we did not expect her passing so soon. We were sad and freaked out and couldn’t sleep; I called our vet back home in OC and they said to just wait and bring her body in for cremation on our way home the next day. So - that was a horrible night. Finally passed out and we woke up late the next morning and had to pack up really fast while still freaking out. Anyway, we did our best but left a huge mess (nothing gross, just takeout trash, a disposable litter box, and other items that we just abandoned, like pool floaties and new hats) and just booked it from the room to the car with my poor little dead doggie in her carrier, I was crying so hard I didn’t stop by the office to apologize. I did leave a sizable tip for the staff. Anyway - I hope we didn’t inconvenience anyone too much. We had a pleasant stay until the unpleasant part. I will probably stay there again (no dog) if they will have me! Have been recommending to friends, it’s a charming throwback vibe kinda place that won’t kill your bank account. Would be a fun place with friends or family.

4.5on,Jul 15, 2021


Nice clean cheap No pool or food service

4on,Jul 07, 2021


Very Good 로비 직원의 불친철 수영 헬스 무더운 날씨 아이스

5on,Jul 06, 2021


Exceptional The pool was not clean the water was not clear needed to be cleaned the water was not cool was completely warm Everything was good the bed the hotel rooms were up to date clean tiki bar was perfection I would return again to the hotel